Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Senate Amendments to HR 4350 – 11-15-21

With the Senate starting the process for the consideration of HR 4350, the FY 2022 NDAA, there were 108 new amendments to that bill proposed in the Senate yesterday. Nine of those amendments made reference to cybersecurity issues:

SA 4560 - Sen King (I,ME): SEC. xx. Secure foundational internet protocols. [pg S8091],

SA 4561 - Sen King: DIVISION E: Defense of United States Infrastructure [pg S8091] Similar to S 2491,

SA 4580 - Sen Gillibrand (D,NY): SEC. 1601. Matters concerning cyber personnel requirements. [pg S8100] SA 3903 and SA 4181,

SA 4581 - Sen Gillibrand: SEC. xxx. Matters concerning cyber personnel education requirements. [pg S8101] SA 3903 and SA 4181,

SA 4598 - Sen Hassan (D,NV): DIVISION E: Federal Cybersecurity Workforce Expansion Act [pg S809] Similar to S 2274,

SA 4616 - Sen Warner (D,VA): DIVISION xx: Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022 [pg S8128] Similar to S 2610,

SA 4624 - Sen Warner: SEC. xxx. Educational assistance for pursuit of programs of education in cybersecurity. [pg S8149],

SA 4637 - Sen Risch (R,ID): SEC. 1064. Think tank cybersecurity standards. [pg S8158], and

SA 4647 - Sen Peters (D,MI): DIVISION E: Federal Information Security Modernization Act of 2021 [pg S8179] Similar to S 2902.

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