Sunday, December 23, 2018

CG Updates Cyber Guidelines for Vessels

Earlier this month the Coast Guard published an updated version of “The Guidelines for Cybersecurity Onboard Ships”.  The 53-page .PDF document provides a non-technical overview of cybersecurity concerns and activities that is not technically an official Coast Guard document. While it addresses both IT and OT cybersecurity issues it concentrates on the interaction of cybersecurity and safety; coming up with an interesting new term that those in the OT cybersecurity field are sure to find helpful: “cyber safety incidents”.

There is lots of useful information in this document for the non-technical management of cybersecurity risks. One of the interesting aspects of the way that the information is presented it that it includes numerous examples of real-life incidents where a wide variety of cyber safety incidents led to high-cost results. While the authors are careful to remove identifying data from the incident descriptions, many of the incidents used were high-profile news stories.

This is certainly a useful document, both for managers responsible cyber risk management, but also for security professionals to better help them communicate with those non-technical managers who control the cybersecurity purse strings.

One minor point for the presentation designers of this document; the page numbers are awfully hard to read.

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