Monday, February 20, 2017

HR 923 Introduced – Repeal of Cybersecurity Act

Earlier this month Rep. Amash (R,MI) introduced HR 923 which would repeal the Cybersecurity Act (Division N, PL 114-113). Amash and his bipartisan cosponsors are concerned about the way the Cybersecurity Act was slipped into the 2016 Consolidated Appropriations Act at the last minute.

Amash introduced a similar bill (HR 4350) last year in the 114th Congress. That bill was also assigned to eight committees for consideration. No action was taken in four of those committees and the remaining four only further assigned it to subcommittees for consideration. No hearings were held and no further action was taken.

Since the Cybersecurity Act was only added to the appropriations bill with the full consent of the House Republican leadership, I do not suspect that there will be any actions taken on this bill.

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