Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Committee Hearings – Week of 1-1-17

The 114th Congress will meet for the last time this morning and then adjourn sine die. The 115th Congress will then meet at noon. The first week is mainly procedural matters. There are a couple of hearings currently scheduled, but only one of potential interest to readers of this blog; a cybersecurity threat hearing by Sen. McCain’s (R,AZ) Armed Services Committee.

That hearing will be held on Thursday and will address foreign cyber threats to the United States.

The witness list includes:

• James R. Clapper, Jr. – DNI;
• Marcel J. Lettre II - DOD; and
• Michael S. Rogers – Cyber Command/NSA

While the press has made much of the focus of the hearing being on the impact of Russian hacks of the DNC and Clinton campaign staff the testimony could end up being fairly wide ranging. Very little chance that control system security will be mentioned though.

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