Saturday, January 14, 2017

Bills Introduced – 01-13-17

With only the House meeting in Washington yesterday there were 76 bills introduced. Of those, only one may be of specific interest to readers of this blog:

HR 526 To amend the Homeland Security Act of 2002 to establish in the Department of Homeland Security a board to coordinate and integrate departmental intelligence, activities, and policy related to counterterrorism, and for other purposes. Rep. Katko, John [R-NY-24]

This bill will only be of interest here if it specifically addresses cybersecurity matters.

There is one other bill that I would like to mention in passing, HR 571, to permit members of the House of Representatives to donate used computer equipment to public elementary and secondary schools designated by the members. I am torn between hoping that the bill sets standards for removing sensitive information from those computers prior to their donation or hoping that computer education programs at those institutions teach the students to look for sensitive information on those computers as a cybersecurity learning aid. I will not be mentioning this bill again on this blog….

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