Thursday, October 16, 2014

ICS-CERT Issues 2 New Advisories and Updates 2 Siemens Advisories

ICS-CERT has been busy this week. Today they issued two new control system advisories and updated two Siemens advisories. The new advisories are for vulnerabilities in Fox DataDiode Proxy Server and the IOServer application. The two Siemens advisories have already been mentioned here this week.

Fox Advisory

This advisory concerns a cross-site request forgery (CSRF) vulnerability in the web administration interface. It was reported by Tudor Enache of HelpAG in a coordinated disclosure. A new release has been produced that mitigates the vulnerability, but there is no mention if the efficacy has been verified by Enache. This advisory was originally released on the US CERT secure portal on September 26th.

ICS-CERT reports that a two phase social engineering attack would be required to remotely exploit this vulnerability to conduct a DOS attack.

IOServer Advisory

This advisory concerns an out of bound read vulnerability reported by Sistrunk-Crain (ICS-CERT changed up the order of the team name) in a coordinated disclosure. A new version mitigates the vulnerability and the efficacy has been verified by Adam Crain.

ICS-CERT reports that a moderately skilled attacker could remotely exploit this vulnerability to crash the OPC Server application.

There is an interesting comment by ICS-CERT in the Vulnerability Characterization section of the advisory. They state:

“A vague interpretation of the DNP3 protocol may allow a null header to cause an out of bound read command to create large numbers of entries in the master in some implementations. This is not a universal problem for all DNP3 users, vendors or integrators [emphasis added], but it may occur.”

That plus a reference to a DNP3 Application Note addressing this issue seems to indicate that this is a problem that might affect other systems. Not that Chris and Adam have ever found vulnerabilities in DNP3 implementations that affect multiple platforms (sorry for the low level sarcasm here). As of 9:00 pm CDT this advisory is not listed on the Project Robus web site.

Siemens OpenSSL Update

Well it looks like we are going to need at least update G to get this correct. Yesterday ICS-CERT reported that ROX 1 was the only outstanding affected system without an update; completely missing the APE 1 with eLAN and ROX 2 with eLAN. Well, with the Siemens ProductCERT announcement today that the ROX 1 update was now available ICS-CERT is still failing to report the continuing vulnerabilities in APE 1 with eLAN and ROX 2 with eLAN. Well, maybe tomorrow.

Ruggedcom Certificate Update

ICS-CERT missed the earlier announcement that the ROX 2 update was available, but they did catch up today when Siemens ProductCERT announced that the ROX 1 update was now available. So far so good. Unfortunately, ICS-CERT also changed their reporting of the affected versions of these two devices. It was correct and had not changed in the latest Siemens report. I know; minor details.

I’m beginning to wonder if anyone at ICS-CERT actually reads the Siemens alerts. The bigger question is how accurate are the other vulnerability reports from ICS-CERT, the ones that we can’t check because the vendor is not as meticulous in reporting their vulnerabilities as is Siemens?

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