Tuesday, September 9, 2014

House Rules Committee Announces Meeting on CR

Today the House Rules  Committee published a notice that they would be holding a hearing on a short term continuing resolution (HJ Res 124) tomorrow at 2:00 pm. If a rule is, as expected, adopted at that hearing, then the full House could vote on the bill Thursday afternoon and the Senate could potentially vote on it Friday. The CR would continue funding the Federal Government at essentially current levels through December 11th {§106(3)}.

The Committee Draft of the bill available on the Rules Committee web site looks like a fairly clean continuing resolution devoid of any provisions that could hold-up its passage this week. It does contain CDC funding for Ebola support operations by that organization. It also includes a specific extension of the CFATS program authorization through December 11th {§127}; there are a number of other Federal programs which receive similar mention.

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