Wednesday, September 17, 2014

DHS ‘Access Denied’

Okay DHS web site people, this has gone too far. What is going on with the new standard error message: “Access Denied. You are not authorized to view the web page you are attempting to load.”

I am seeing this crop up on too many public DHS web pages that I routinely check. I know that it is not a mistyping issue; I use a standard list of sites that I prepared and now just click on the links; those links have worked fine in the past.

Now all muckrakers are a tad bit paranoid, so my heart skips a beat when I see this on a new web site. My first thought is always “Have I finally pushed DHS too far?” After I take a quick breath I realize that this is probably just a new default that web site scripters are using for some inexplicable reason. Unfortunately, it seems that once this affliction hits a web site it becomes permanent.

This is currently in use for the following pages: (the one that set me off today);

Let’s get this fixed. Paranoia already afflicts too many people when it comes to DHS operations. We don’t need to expand that list.

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