Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Senate Consideration of Cybersecurity Bill

Yesterday theHill.com reported that Sen. Lieberman (I,CT) was saying that the Senate would consider a cybersecurity bill by the end of next week. The article notes that Lieberman was basing this prediction on a promise from Sen. Reid (D,NV). An as of yet not completed compromise version of S 2105 will be the bill to be considered.

The two ideas in the bill that have been holding up consideration have been the requirements for information sharing (privacy protection) and critical infrastructure protection (burdensome regulations of business). As I noted in my initial blog post on this bill, the critical infrastructure protection provisions would not have been particularly effective in regards to their protection of control systems. Further reducing that effectiveness to overcome objections of portions of the business community will make them practically useless in protecting the country from the potential effects of cyber-attacks on critical installations.

If the bill does come to the Senate floor (and Sen. Reid has been making these promises to bring a comprehensive cybersecurity bill to the Senate floor ‘next week’ for two years now) ‘by the end of next week’, it will certainly take some time to get it through the debate process. Let’s assume that it actually passes by July 27th; that would only leave one week for consideration of the bill by the House before the summer recess begins on August 3rd. That is not likely to happen.

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