Monday, April 2, 2012

TSA Publishes 30-Day ICR Notice for Rail Security Program

The Transportation Security Administration published a 30-Day information collection request (ICR) notice in today’s Federal Register (77 FR 19680-19681) in support of its rail security program. This is a follow-up to the 60-day ICR notice published in January.

In my blog about that earlier notice I noted that TSA failed to explain why there was the large change in the number of respondents between this proposed submission and the currently approved ICR from 2008. That earlier ICR called for an expected 88,145 responses and a total burden of 288,945 hours at a cost of $9.4 million. The current ICR notice shows only 54,023 hours and does not list a cost nor does it list a total number of expected responses. Again there is no explanation for the change in this public document.

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