Thursday, February 3, 2011

SSP Edit Manual Missing

The link to the CSAT SSP Edit Process User Guide has been removed from the CFATS Knowledge Center web page, but no explanation is given nor is there any mention that it is no longer listed. The manual is still listed on the CSAT Site Security Plan web page but the link returns a ‘404 Error – The requested page was not found’ error message.  (NOTE: Changed title to make subject clearer - 02-03-11 11:30 pm EST)

I understand that problems crop up in manuals from time to time, but if this manual is no longer useful, the chemical security community should be notified. I would bet that the problem (assuming there is one) is relatively limited, so most of the information would be useable. Unless, of course, the edit capability for the SSP has been removed from CSAT.

Of course, if the edit function were disabled, then one would suspect that the ‘Latest News’ section on the CFATS Knowledge Center page would no longer list the note about the SSP-Edit function, but that note is still there, except that the last sentence has been removed, the sentence referring to the User Guide.

Curiouser and curiouser…

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