Friday, January 15, 2010

GPO Error – FRA PTC Final Rule

I noted earlier this week that the Federal Railroad Administration would be publishing their final rule on positive train control today. Well they did, but there was a problem with the GPO notification about that rule. For those of you that use either the email listing of Federal Register notices or the on-line listing the link to the PTC final rule will only take you to the second half of the rule published in today’s Federal Register. The first half of the rule is published at 75 FR 2597-2646 (.PDF Copy)and the second half is published at 75 FR 2697-2722 (.PDF Copy). I don’t know why there is a 50 page gap in the printing of this lengthy (72 total pages in the Federal Register) document, but this will certainly complicate people finding the complete document. Hopefully the GPO will provide a copy of the double link in Monday’s issue.


Anonymous said...

Look also for a third section. (126 pages total)

PJCoyle said...

My response to the comment by Anonymous can be found at:

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