Monday, June 23, 2008

SVA Announcement

The schedule information is the generic schedule based on the Tier ranking for the facility, no actual dates are given just the number of days from the time DHS notifies the facility of their Tier Ranking. The schedule is:

  • Preliminary Tier 1 facilities have about 90 days to complete and submit the SVA;
  • Preliminary Tier 2 facilities have about 120 days to complete and submit the SVA;
  • Preliminary Tier 3 facilities have about 150 days to complete and submit the SVA; and
  • Preliminary Tier 4 facilities have about 180 days to complete and submit the SVA or an Alternative Security Program (ASP) in lieu of an SVA.

The new CSAT Page notes that extension requests can be requested. The only information given is a mailing address, so I suspect that only written requests will be accepted.

SVA Manuals

DHS has published two manuals for the SVA in much the same vein as they did for CSAT registration and the Top Screen. I have not yet (they were just posted within the last two hours) had a chance to review the lengthy manuals, but rest assured that I will delve into them with my typical anal retentive thoroughness. For now, the manuals can be found at:

CSAT Security Vulnerability Assessment Questions

CSAT Security Vulnerability Assessment Instructions

One note on the SVA access, the CSAT Web Page notes that only people that are CVI (Chemical-Terrorism Vulnerability Information) certified may access the SVA Tool. It does provide a link to the training necessary to get certified.

Apologies to DHS

Faithful readers of this blog will no doubt remember that I have taken DHS to task a couple of time (see: "Vulnerability Assessments are Underway") for not publishing the instructions for the SVA. It seems that my concerns were misplaced. I offer my apologies for my doubting the Department’s willingness to make this program as open as security concerns would allow.

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