Friday, November 16, 2007

New Appendix A changes CVI Training?

There has been another recent change to the DHS web site that is hard to see. A couple of the pages dealing with Chemical Vulnerability Information (CVI) have changed with a new modified date of 11-15-07. Comparing the new page with the old page, there does not appear to be any difference between the two. That is no difference until you click on the link to CVI Training. Click on any of those links and you get taken to a page that says:


Chemical-Terrorism Vulnerability Information (CVI)

The CVI training site is currently off-line and will be available when Appendix A is published in the Federal Register. For additional information regarding Appendix A, Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards, 6 CFR Part 27, please visit:


Now I have completed the CVI training (within a couple of days of it becoming available) and I do not recall anything of substance in that training that would have had to have been changed because of the changes in Appendix A. We will not know for sure until the CVI Training site is back-up for operation.


The interesting question is, if there are substantive changes in the training, will everyone that has completed the training to date have to re-take the training? Since DHS has email addresses, and snail mail addresses for that matter, for all of us that have completed the training (and I would assume that thousands have) it would be a simple matter for them to contact us about the new requirement.


As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog on this site, DHS still has some way to go about how they notify people about changes to their site. Again this is not a page (or actually pages) that is covered by their change notification system (or at least I have not been notified of this change by their system). Nor does their system explain what the change is or explain the reason for the change. All it does is notify you what page has changed.  


Any way, this information junkie will keep an eye on the DHS site and let you know what is going on. I may not know, or be able to guess, why something is changed, but I will tell you what has changed. Of course, I’ll also give you my opinion of the efficacy and/or effect of the change.

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