Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Appendix A published in Federal Register

The revised Appendix A to 6 CFR part 27 was published today in the Federal Register. That now makes Appendix A official and starts the clock for about 40,000 chemical facilities to file their Top Screen within the next 60 days. While there should not be any differences between the version published on the DHS web site earlier this month and the version published today, today’s version is the legal version of Appendix A and the various changes to 6 CFR part 27.


In support of the official publication DHS has made changes to the following pages on their web site:


Critical Infrastructure: Chemical Security


Identifying Facilities Covered by the Chemical Security Regulation


How Appendix A: Chemicals of Interest Was Developed 


None of the changes on these web pages is unexpected. Mainly they removed the note on the previous copy that said that Appendix A would not become effective until it was published in the Federal Register. The new page says that Appendix A was published in the Federal Register on November 20th and that the 60 day clock for submission of Top Screens started on that (this) date.


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