Wednesday, December 14, 2016

House Accepts Senate Amendment to HR 710 – TWIC Assessment Act

Yesterday during a proforma session, the House accepted the Senate’s amendment to HR 710, the Essential Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) Assessment Act. There was no debate and no vote (not that the number of folks present exceeded more than about 4), being adopted under the unanimous consent process. Five other bills (HR 1150, HR 4939, S 8, HR 3842, and HR 6302) were also passed in the same manner. None of those bill will be of specific interest to readers of this blog.

The new version of HR 710 includes provisions concerning:

• Credential improvements;
• Comprehensive security assessment of the transportation security card program;
• Corrective action plan development; and
• Inspector General review.

This bill remains a study and report bill with no new funding and no new specific requirements for the TWIC program. Earlier versions of this bill included a variety of requirements for restricting implementation of rulemakings pending reports to Congress, but there are no such provisions in this version being sent to the President.

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