Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Markup Hearing for S 546, RESPONSE Act, Scheduled

Earlier this week (after my hearing schedule blog post) the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee scheduled a markup hearing for a number of bills tomorrow. Of potential interest to readers of this blog is the markup of S 546, the Railroad Emergency Services Preparedness, Operational Needs, and Safety Evaluation (RESPONSE) Act of 2015. This bill, passed in the Senate on May 9th under the Senate’s unanimous consent process. The bill is virtually identical to HR 1043 that has yet to be acted upon by any of the five subcommittees of the Transportation Committee to which it has been assigned for consideration.

There is one amendment currently published for consideration in tomorrow’s hearing. The amendment contains a number of minor wording and procedural changes that do not substantially affect the purpose of the bill, establishing a subcommittee of the existing National Advisory Council to look at topics related to improving emergency responder training and resource allocation for hazardous materials incidents involving railroads.

This bill will almost certainly be passed on a voice vote in tomorrow’s hearing.

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