Wednesday, January 13, 2016

FDA Workshop on Cybersecurity for Medical Devices

The Food and Drug Administration has announced the agenda for their conference on Medical Device Cybersecurity to be held later this month. The 2-day conference and workshop is designed to engage the multi-stakeholder community in focused discussions on unresolved gaps and challenges that have hampered progress in advancing medical device cybersecurity.

Included on the agenda are sessions on:

• Keynote Address: Marty Edwards, Director of ICS–CERT;
• Medical Device Cybersecurity: A Year in Reflection and Looking Ahead;
• Cyber Threat Landscape within the Healthcare and Public Health Sector;
• FDA's Current Thinking: Implementation of the NIST ‘Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity’ for Strengthening Security throughout the Total Product Life Cycle;
• Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (ISAO);
• Vulnerability Handling Processes and Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure;
• Overcoming Challenges Manufacturers face with Increased Cybersecurity Collaboration;
• Identifying and Crafting Action Plans to Address Gaps and Challenges in Strengthening the Cybersecurity Stance of the Medical Device Ecosystem;
• Gaining Situational Awareness of Current Activities in the Healthcare and Public Health Sector to Enhance Medical Device Cybersecurity; and
• Adapting and/or Implementing Medical Device Cybersecurity Standards

The link for the webcast is still not available. It should be on the conference web site by the time of the meeting.

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