Friday, December 28, 2007

DHS Advisory Council Meeting

DHS announced a meeting of the DHS Advisory Council Meeting (HSAC) on January 10th in Washington DC. The HSAC is an independent group established (IAW the Federal Advisory Committee Act, 5 U.S.C. App.) to provide the Secretary with advice across a wide spectrum of DHS activities.


The main purpose of this meeting is to “review recommendations from the Administration Transition Task Force (ATTF)…” The ATTF was formed to help formulate procedures for the upcoming transition between Administrations; to ensure that the wide range of programs that DHS is in the process of implementing will continue through the change of political appointees that is an integral part of that transition.


Comments from the public will be considered. Comments can be submitted by email ( and must include ``Department of Homeland Security'' and DHS-2007-0086 in the subject line. Comments can be reviewed at using the Docket Number (DHS-2007-0086).


Reports will also be received from other HSAC sub-groups. Reports will be made on:

  • Medical surge capabilities,
  • Real-ID implementation,
  • DHS training and education efforts, and
  • Private sector and state and local information sharing efforts.

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