Thursday, August 23, 2007

More changes to the DHS Web Site

There have been changes to two more of the DHS Chemical Security Web Site Pages. The first is more cosmetic than anything else. The 2007 Chemical Sector Security Summit page has been changed to an advertisement for the up coming June 2007 meeting to a report on that meeting. It reads more like a press release than an actual information page. Along with this they removed access to the Proposed Agenda page which makes a great deal of sense.


The second change was made on the Accessing the Chemical Security Assessment Tool (CSAT) page. They added access to a new .pdf document: the CSAT User Change Request User Guide (PDF, 26 pages – 686 KB). This document provides instruction on how to make changes to the previously registered Preparer, Submitter, and Authorizer for a site. It also provides instructions on how to convert a Submitter for multiple sites to a single user/password status. This will make it easier for corporations with multiple sites to use a single Submitter for multiple sites, and that Submitter will only have to remember a single User Name and Password.


I am still expecting to see a final version of the Appendix A out some time soon, along with the appropriate changes to the Top Screen. DHS is again getting some heat from Senators (Delaware this time) complaining about agricultural propane users being affected by this legislation. I expect to see some sort of clarification on this issue, among others, when the final version of the Appendix A comes out.

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